Who Can Install Double-Glazed Windows?

Who Can Install Double-Glazed Windows?

Double-glazed windows can increase the value and lower energy costs of your home while helping block noise from streets or neighboring properties. Consider their experience and reputation when choosing a company for double-glazing installation. Preferably choose one with over several years in business experience.

What to Consider When Choosing Double-Glazing Contractor


Double-glazed windows feature two panes of glass to increase insulation and lower energy costs while also improving the aesthetic appeal of your home. Installing them yourself may save money and time; professional contractors often complete projects quicker while offering warranty of their work.

When searching for the ideal double glazing installer, be sure to verify their credentials to ensure they are trustworthy and reputable. Ask about their experience as well as membership of professional organizations, along with customer service ratings. Additionally, look at transparency of pricing as well as whether they provide free, no-commitment quotes.

Double-glazed windows not only reduce energy bills but can also protect your home from crime and make temperature regulation easier. Burglars tend to target homes with single pane windows because they provide an easy entryway; with two panes of glass protecting each pane on double glazed windows preventing heat transfer through, criminals have difficulty breaking in.

A FENSA registered installer should offer you peace of mind knowing their work is guaranteed for 10 years – providing protection from defective workmanship or materials and repair for any issues with window installation.

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Double glazed windows also help insulate your home by keeping cold air outside while trapping warm air inside – keeping your house cozy and warm. In turn, they may help lower heating and cooling expenses as well as noise levels in your home.

Double-glazed windows are an excellent investment for homeowners. Not only can they add significant value and improve the aesthetics of your home, they can also lower energy bills while improving efficiency – but due to being more expensive than single glazed options they may take some time before returning your initial investment.


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Double glazing can make your home more comfortable on a budget, lowering energy consumption and costs, creating more stable indoor temperatures, dampening outside noise and increasing its aesthetic value. But to get maximum benefit out of this investment it is crucial that you select only reputable installers so you get premium windows.

One way to find reliable double glazing installers is through recommendations from family and friends, who may know of companies offering quality windows at an affordable price. An alternative method would be searching online reviews of companies offering this service; however, beware that online reviews may not always reflect reality accurately or may even contain bias; should any results not meet expectations, file a formal complaint against manufacturer/installer for corrections immediately.

Cost of double glazed windows varies significantly based on their type and construction material; typically uPVC frames tend to be cheaper than their wooden and aluminium counterparts, although its durability may not compare favorably against natural wooden designs.

Importantly, installation may take time. Therefore, it is wise to plan early and be patient while waiting for your new windows to arrive.

Once you’ve chosen a company to install double-glazed windows, be sure to get a quote before signing any contracts. This will give you an idea of the total project costs as well as allow you to compare pricing between installers.

If you’re searching for an installer with integrity, consider seeking quotes from companies who are members of FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme). This government-backed organization ensures you work with reliable and trustworthy companies while verifying installer qualifications and insurance. Furthermore, check if their customer service reputation stands up well.


Double-glazed windows can help increase energy efficiency, reduce noise from outside and protect your home while adding security and value. When looking to upgrade, it’s essential to choose a reputable installer – ask electricians or plumbers for recommendations, check online reviews or ask other tradespeople themselves; choosing an installer with great ratings could save money as well as guarantee your new windows will be installed properly.

When selecting a double-glazing company, ensure they are FENSA certified. This shows their reputability as well as compliance with all regulations and requirements. Furthermore, get quotes from both national and local companies so you can compare prices. Keep in mind that replacement window companies may become very busy at certain times of year; you may have to wait longer than anticipated for their installation services.

Consider whether they use high-quality materials and offer warranties or guarantees before making your selection. In addition to reputation checks, pay special attention to customer service and financing options offered by each business.

Look for companies with competitive pricing, wide selections of products and services offered and an abundance of accreditations; this will give you more peace of mind when selecting a provider.

Be sure to ask whether they use Low-E glass, an energy efficient material which helps lower heating and cooling costs as well as protect from bushfires while potentially lowering insurance premiums. Double glazing may help with ventilation issues as well as humidity problems.

Reputable double-glazing companies should boast an outstanding track record in customer satisfaction and follow-up support, such as sending out follow-up surveys after installation or making follow-up phone calls to determine your satisfaction with their work or to see if additional work needs to be completed.

A reliable double-glazing provider should offer follow-up calls approximately one or two weeks post installation to determine how satisfied their customers were with the quality of installation work provided and any necessary follow-up.


When selecting a company to install double glazing for you, it is vital that you read reviews from past customers and reviews from locals in your community for recommendations and feedback from them. Some companies might keep pictures of completed jobs in their showroom for you to see or give the details of neighbours who have used them if this can help make an informed decision.

Double glazing prices depend on several factors, including your chosen window style and material (uPVC is typically the least costly), installation fees and company reputation. Aluminium and timber windows tend to offer higher installation prices so it’s important to get quotes from several different providers before making your final choice. uPVC windows tend to be most cost effective but before making your final choice it is important to compare average costs per window from several companies before selecting which is most suitable for you.

Security should also be an essential consideration when purchasing new windows. Double glazing offers inherent more protection than single pane versions due to having two layers of glass in between panes – but ensure your installer provides high-quality locks, and ask them for proof of certification (such as British Standards Institution kitemark logo on each window itself).

Consider how long you want your double glazing to last before selecting a company. Most reputable double glazing businesses provide at least 10-year guarantees and some even longer ones; it would be wise to opt for one which will repair or replace defective units within this timeframe if possible.

Quality double glazing will not only lower energy bills but will also add significant value to your home. Many of the UK’s premier double glazing companies provide an array of products such as doors, conservatories and replacement windows from top quality materials and styles designed to suit every property in which they’re installed.

Some companies provide a full survey and design service prior to installing double glazing; other companies allow customers to purchase windows online before an installation team comes out to fit them. Installation typically takes one day; this time frame depends on how many windows need installing.

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