Personal Growth Through Joining Causes and Volunteering

There are those who live a challenging life that personal growth is a daily given. While I do not believe that those who live relatively comfortable lives do not grow, we have enough comforts and shelter from the perils of life that we become detached from the majority that has to face it daily. Volunteering allows us not only to see but to experience a part of what people/animals/the environment go through. It is something that goes beyond just books and documentaries, we don’t just become people who know about these challenges, we also become people who somewhat understand a fraction of what they feel.

Outraged for Others Instead Of Helping

It’s very common to see this today, you could see it trending in social media and even in the responses to whatever is trending, people who have no idea are outraged for others. Some people think they could understand what others are going through just because they saw it in some video or read it in some post. But it takes more than that to truly empathize and know what people go through, it takes being on the ground, living with them, living like them. Most of these people don’t even really do much to help the less fortunate, thinking their outrage and protest is enough. While shedding light on a matter is good, if one truly wants to help and grow to understand what can truly be done to remedy a situation Volunteering is the only way to do it.

Being Part of Something Bigger Than You

Many live their lives just going to their jobs and going back home, occasionally having fun with friends and family. There is nothing wrong with that, some cultures think of it as the ideal lifestyle, but don’t you feel that there is so much more you could do. You may not be a genius like Elon Musk who could very well send humanity to Mars, or someone influential like Trump to reach the most powerful seat in the world, but each individuals contribution is the flap of a butterfly wing that caused a tornado on the other side of the world.

Being part of a cause is more than just painting signs and protesting on the streets, it is the small action that you take that might be the unknown feather that broke the camel’s back. Whether about the environment, equality, or saving a historical site, your passion and small contribution is valuable. Being part of a cause that affects the course of history is more than just making yourself feel good, it is about contributing to a better tomorrow for your loved ones and their children.


When you isolate yourself from others when you refuse to form connections, it doesn’t matter how good you get in a sport, or smart you get through self-learning, you fail to truly grow if you horde yourself from the world. When one loves something they need to learn to let go, which shows a sign of growth… Maybe it is time to truly grow as a aperson and allow yourself to be part of something bigger.