Using Your Personal Resources for Causes

Personal success is important, we pursue it as one of the most important goals in life, but after reaching that particular goal what comes next? There will come a time when personal gains and fortune are so abundant that it almost feels unfulfilling, once a point where your needs are met and some luxuries are within reach it might be time to think about giving forward. Learning to let go of old things and giving a portion of the excess is important for your personal growth and mental health. Using your personal resources for causes is a responsibility every one should do once they’ve reached a level of abundance.

Reaching Personal Success Before Helping

It is important to reach a level of financial and personal success before dedicating your time and fortune to causes. While it is definitely a good thing to help those in need, which we highly recommend everyone should do, it is important to discern when you can help. When you’ve reached a level where you are no longer worried about making ends meet, and have secured a comfortable life for you and your family, you are truly capable of helping others. Helping a friend or stranger in a small way even when you are struggling yourself is a noble thing to do, but you can’t save people if you yourself are drowning.

Knowing When You’ve Reached Abundance

It is easy to know when you’ve reached financial abundance if you have a luxury item like a sports care you hardly use it’s pretty obvious. But you can be abundant in one thing and be lacking in others, this is when you can help causes in a small way. Take a look at your wardrobe, do you see clothes that are still good you hardly use? Do you have too many suits you’ve only worn once and have no plan to wear again? Donating these to causes where they could distribute it to people who could use them or sell them to fund their cause is a great way to help. You might even have that extra car you hardly use you could let an organization borrow or some plot of land or property you could let them use. Anything you have in excess that you think could help; computers, bikes, etc.

Why Using Your Resources For Causes Is Good For You

Becoming minimalist is a trend that has been going on for a couple of years now. The idea is to de-clutter your life and letting go of things you don’t need. While I don’t disagree with living a minimalist lifestyle, I do think there might be a better way of living. Rather than being a minimalist, becoming a steward of possessions and properties that could be of use to others and causes is more fulfilling than owning things for your pleasure. Rather than having less in your life, you aim to have enough to help more people in need.

The Responsibility Of Those Who Have Plenty

While I believe every man is entitled to the spoils of their labor when one has the resources to help it becomes their responsibility to do so. One climbs to the top not to look down on people below, but to be able to see the whole picture and be able to assist those who are still climbing.