How Christian Schooling Affects Growing Kids – A Valuable Guide

How Christian Schooling Affects Growing Kids – A Valuable Guide

There has been an argument between Christians and non-Christians for as long as I can remember. If you’re not a Christian, it’s pretty darned obvious to me, as a non-Christian, that there is no effect of Christian schools on kids.

The other side wants to argue that the effect of Christian schools on kids is negative because they say that they are sex-oriented and therefore, improper. In other words, it’s their job to promote sex education and if you don’t like sex education, then you don’t like your kids. For private schools gainesville fl, please don’t think twice and drop by today!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – there isn’t one bit of evidence to suggest that Christian schools have a negative effect on kids. It’s amazing what people will believe to promote. You see this kind of thing all the time when some other group claims that some other group is doing something bad.

“Oh, those are the evil Christians,” they say. That’s just amazing, that they would use that to attack something that Christianity itself promotes. So, let’s get down to the real effect of Christian schools on kids and what they have on them.

The only effect of Christian schools on kids is that they teach Christian beliefs. If that’s not teaching, then what is it?

Well, some children do need to be taught about their religious beliefs because of the dangers out there, but other kids come from good, family-oriented, public schools where these beliefs are taught from the start. And that’s the problem with public schools, too. They are secular and they promote a secular religion.

This can lead to confusion and some problems, but if the parents choose a home school, they know that religion will play an important part in their child’s life and they also know that the public schools cannot teach that faith and morals, which are essential parts of a good life, without going against the freedoms of speech and religion, which are guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

So, Christian parents have a choice. They can go to public schools and get their child enrolled, or they can choose a home school program. A homeschooling program offers the advantages of knowing that your child has a natural, unencumbered intellectual freedom to explore many aspects of the world and to develop his or her own personal religion.

In fact, the most important part of any religious education is to encourage that faith. It’s a two-way street. Christian schools have no effect on the number of teenage pregnancies, teenage drug use, or dropouts. There are no drugs or alcohol effects on kids.

Dropouts are rare in a home-schooled child, and many kids grow up and become very religious and participate in community activities. So, Christian schools don’t promote abstinence or ignorance. They do, however, have an effect on the character of the students. Public schools may not teach right from wrong, but they certainly teach morals.

The curriculum may be primarily academic, but Christian schools use prayers, Bible studies, and other tools to teach values. That’s much more important than academics, I believe. Just as public schools need to teach geography, social science, and math to all kids, so too do Christian schools.

As for the question of how Christian education helps the ‘influencers who get into trouble, I think it depends on the student. In a secular society in which people are increasingly allowed to express their views without consequences, kids learn from the examples of those around them.

If you have trouble getting into trouble, consider how your Christian schooling could help. Christian schools have an effect on kids just like public schools, but they also help the kids whose parents would never consider sending them to a secular institution.

Howard Coleman